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Visual Positioning
Camera-based navigation and landing guidance
GNSS-independent navigation
No infrastructure needed
Localisation with respect to landmarks
Certifiable to DAL-C
Aircraft agnostic
VPS is a self-contained, on-board vision-based position source that enables uninterrupted, reliable and redundant navigation for any aircraft, without the need for any infrastructure.

The system continuously outputs position, heading, velocities, height above ground, landing guidance and corresponding uncertainties.
VPS consists of two avionics-grade cameras with integrated MEMS IMUs and a computing platform running Daedalean's algorithms that in real time combine input from the cameras and IMUs to provide accurate navigation data comparable with INS/GNSS and ILS from take-off to touch-down.

Read in our blog how Daedalean's Visual Positioning System works
Dissimilar navigation system
to existing INS/GNSS/ILS enabling safe autonomous operations
Enables precision landings
for VTOL/rotorcraft and fixed-wing aircraft on runways and helipads or equivalent
Two pager
Operating conditions, SWaP, performance, installation
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