Autonomous flight control for the electric personal aircraft of the near future


Daedalean is a Zürich-based startup, and our mission is to build a certified airworthy autopilot that can also pass the exams for human pilots.

The Innovation

There is no incremental path from UAV control to certification for personal transport (DAL-A), nor one from current DAL-A level avionics to full autonomy. We bridge that chasm.


We need to build a system that is sufficiently deterministic to pass certification, yet can deal with unexpected situations to justify the absence of a human pilot. Ultimately this is decided by regulatory bodies, not by science or engineering, so the main risk is the legal landscape. It is clear though, that some things will move, one way or another.


We have experts from robotics, computer vision, machine learning and avionics, and we have a pilot whose job it is to go through the requirements for human pilots and turn them into system requirements to which we can engineer. We rely on good execution with good people in a lean and agile organisation. A foundation of thorough classical systems engineering complements modern insights of machine learning and computer vision.


Luuk van Dijk, Founder and CEO

PhD in Physics (UvA, RuG). Google (Gmail, Maps, Go), SpaceX (flight software).

Anna Chernova, Co-founder, Pilot and Principal Engineer

BSc in Physics (СПбГУ); mathematical biology (Univ. of Oxford) and bioinformatics (NIMR MRC), Google (marketing; Maps -- quantitative analyst). EASA PPL(A) student (30 hrs in Aquila A210 and Cessna C172). FAA PPL(H) license holder (220 hrs in Robinson R44 and R22). EASA PPL(H) student (20 hrs in Robinson R66).

Daniel Danciu, Head Of Software Development

PhD Artificial Intelligence (Babeș-Bolyai University), Google (Shopping, Flights), YouTube (Live, Cast, API).

Thomas Kindler, Legal

Dr. jur. (Bern, Switzerland), LL.M. (Georgetown, Washington DC). Legal counsel for siroop AG.

Mukta Prasad, Computer Vision and Machine Learning Lead

Also Adjunct Assistant Professor (previously Asst. Professor) at Trinity College Dublin. Previous: B.Tech in Computer Science (IIIT Hyderabad), PhD in Computer Vision (Oxford University), Postdoctoral researcher (ETH Zürich).

Matthias Kraft, Flight Software Engineer

PhD in Physics studying plasmonic systems (Imperial College London) with a stint in the Mathematics department working on MCMC samplers and their application to machine learning.

David Haber, Lead Deep Learning Engineer

MEng Computer Science (Imperial College London), Cognitir (co-founder), Soma Analytics (machine learning/software engineer).

Philipp Krüsi, Autonomous Navigation Systems Engineer

PhD in Robotics (Autonomous Systems Lab, ETH Zürich), Carnegie Mellon University, Hilti, Porsche.

Lucy Brandenberger, Autonomous Avionics Engineer

BSc Information Technology and Electrical Engineering & MSc Management, Technology and Economics (ETH), Google, iQIYI, Baidu Silicon Valley AI Lab.

Alexandru Băluț, Devtoolsmith

BSc Computer Science (Transilvania University), Google, Triposo, Pitivi.

Patrick DeHart, Technical Writer

MA Education (University of Portland), BA Literature (UCSC), Content management experience working with data driven start-ups.

Bas Vermeulen, Platforms Engineer

BSc Laboratory Informatics & Automation (Hogeschool West-Brabant, Etten-Leur). Nokia, Novero, Laird.

Boris Videnov, Systems Engineer

MEng Mechanical Engineering (Imperial College London). Rolls-Royce plc (graduate scheme, Development Engineer - civil jet engines), Omnilid (co-founder).

Daila, Street Dog

Can open any door, as long as there's a guarantee of food on the other side. (Google, Streets of Barcelona)

Tatiana Yusupova, Flight Software Engineer

PhD in Mathematics (Number Theory, University of York), Basics of Information Security (Moscow State University). Worldpay UK (Software Engineer and Team Security Champion). EASA PPL(A) license holder with SEP type and night rating (140 hrs).

Armin Burgmeier, Lead Simulation Engineer

PhD in Physics (KIT), DESY (Higgs Search at CMS), Bloomberg. FAA PPL(H) student (100 hrs in Robinson R44 II).

Alexey Gokhberg, Head of High Performance Computing

CSc in Physics and Mathematics (VAK). Fragata Computer Systems AG, ETH Zurich (Native Systems, Computational Seismology).

Xenia Gokhberg, Office Manager

MA in Art History (University of Zürich), BA English Linguistics and Literature (University of Zürich).

Harleen Hanspal, Systems Engineering Intern

Pursuing M.Sc. in Robotics, Systems and Controls (ETH), B.Tech in Electrical (IIT Bhubaneswar).


Generally Awesome Engineer

Your role: to come up with algorithms and code to completely and reliably replace the human pilot, only bound by the laws of Nature, Civil Aviation and budget. Preferred Qualifications and Experience: be smart, get stuff done, at least 5 years of hardcore C++ software engineering experience, proven research abilities, and applied engineering skills.

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Operations/Administrative Manager

Your role: run the day-to-day operations and administration of our business. You anticipate our needs to help us stay focused on our projects. Preferred Qualifications and Experience: be a self-starter and deliver on tasks, at least 1 year of direct executive support experience, and a command of both German and English.

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