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Visual Landing Guidance
Onboard GNSS-independent landing guidance for VTOL and fixed-wing aircraft
Normal, precautionary and emergency landing
No guidance infrastructure needed
Certifiable to DAL-C
Autonomous precision landings for VTOL and fixed-wing aircraft
Daedalean's safe landing guidance is a self-contained, on-board vision-based position and map source that enables choosing the best available landing spots.

The system continuously outputs areas in sight which are suitable for emergency, precautionary and normal landing and confirms the intended area is safe to land (e.g., by real-time monitoring of dynamic ground obstacles).
It consists of two avionics-grade cameras with integrated MEMS IMUs and a computing platform running Daedalean's algorithms that in real time combine input from the cameras and IMUs to provide accurate landing guidance comparable to ILS or a manual landing by a human pilot.

Read our blog and see a video on how Daedalean's Visual Landing System performs in various conditions

Dissimilar navigation system
to existing ILS enabling safe autonomous landing under any circumstances – no similar instrument exists
Based on semantic segmentation
Continuous real-time recognizing of the environment and landmarks
Two pager
Operating conditions, SWaP, performance, installation
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