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Visual traffic detection
Noticing all fixed wing, rotorcraft and drones in time
Pilot aid
No infrastructure needed
Non-cooperative and cooperative traffic
Certifiable to DAL-C
Daedalean's self-contained vision-based system detects, tracks and classifies various types of aircraft and drones without the need for additional infrastructure. It integrates into existing flight deck instruments as a pilot-aid.

The system detects, tracks, classifies traffic, identifies size, position, computes direction of movement and time to collision.
The visual detection system consists of two avionics-grade cameras with integrated MEMS IMUs and a computing platform running Daedalean's algorithms on-board in real-time.
Dissimilar to other sensors and electronic
conspicuity equipment (such as transponders, ADS-B OUT or FLARM)
• fixed-wing aircraft
• rotorcraft
• drones
Two pager
Operating conditions, SWaP, performance, installation
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