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Visual traffic detection
Noticing all fixed wing, rotorcraft and drones in time
The innovative solution based on computer vision. Continuously tracking the sky, never-tiring, more attentive and reliable than human vision.

Daedalean's neural networks power the first pilot-aid technology serving as another pair of eyes in the cockpit: visual detection and assessment of airborne hazards, including non-cooperative traffic such as drones and birds.

Read our blog post on the industry benchmarking for the visual traffic detection for explanations on how we train our neural networks to achieve certified visual awareness with robust performance against various visual conditions.
  • Design and performance aligned with DO-387
  • Qualified in accordance with DO-160G, and DO-254 / DO-178C DAL C
  • Independent of cooperative equipment (XPDR, ADS-B)
  • Expandable to include visual positioning and landing guidance
  • Validated in flight tests and simulation
  • Seamlessly integrates with TCAS / TAS / other traffic sources into a single, intuitive HMI
  • Available for demonstration and early integration now
  • ITAR-free



Detection range (Declaration Range as per DO-387) depends on the type and size of intruder:
Slow / small
  • up to 100 knots,
  • e.g. DG800 glider
  • 18 m wingspan
  • up to 130 knots,
  • e.g. Cessna C172
  • 11 m wingspan
Fast / large
  • up to 170 knots,
  • e.g. Diamond DA42
  • 13 m wingspan
  • Tracking more than 95% of all intruders
  • Less than 1 false positive per hour
Version 2021-10
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Output data, operating conditions, SWaP, performance
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