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Large UAV
How UAV OEMs and operators benefit from Daedalean's unique capabilities
The commercial use of larger UAV brings many benefits to society, from logistics, mapping, surveillance to inspection, remote sensing and communications. Its broad adoption is contingent on getting access to shared airspace and the provisioning of safe operations anytime and anywhere.

Key challenges for the UAV industry

Safety requires onboard autonomy without any dependency
Robust DAA is a key enabler for any safe BVLOS operations
Remote-controlled aircraft require autonomy as C2-links will fail
Autonomous operations need dissimilar robust navigation as GNSS may fail
UTM does not mitigate the air-risk
We help you with robust, reliable and independent Navigation, Flight Guidance, and Detect & Avoid solutions. We focus on software, algorithms and certification. Our established avionics hardware suppliers provide you with the best hardware, installation and maintenance.

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