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Commercial Air Transport
How Commercial Air Transport benefits from Daedalean's unique capabilities
Airliners' crew reduction down to two pilots – around the '70s – was driven by economic pressure and enabled by technical progress, automation, engine reliability, improved navigation, separation and guidance – together increasing safety while reducing workload. The time is here to go further in commercial air transport. Transferring today's paradigms into tomorrow's aircraft is the core of what we do.

Key challenges for the CAT industry

Pilots are expensive, in high demand, performance does vary
Single Pilot Operations are feasible today, first in cruise, then in all phases
Technology to increase safety and reduce pilot workload is available but not used
ILS only available on larger airports
Supporting the crew's safety performance and workload with advanced pilot assistance systems (APAS), allowing Single-Pilot-Operations (SPO) in cruise and later from gate to gate where today two are needed, and full autonomy (FA) without any pilot requires replacing step by step all elements of pilot training and equipment. Functionality and performance will be expanded to meet all needs of commercial Single-Pilot-Operations and fully autonomous aircraft at the time aircraft OEMs and operators are ready for it.

We help you with robust, reliable and independent Navigation, Flight Guidance, Detect & Avoid and Autopilot solutions. Our focus is on developing the most advanced algorithms and certified software. We partner with some of the most renowned avionics suppliers to provide the best hardware and respective installation and maintenance.

Check our roadmap and products for more insight in how we can support you.