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Product roadmap
From Advanced Pilot Assistance Systems to Single Pilot Operations to Full Autonomy
Civil Aviation: more than a century of human as the flight control computer.

Our Product roadmap: based on Human Pilot’s tasks as enumerated in CPL(H) skilltest and handbooks.

Driven by industry needs.

Technologically enabling changes called by economic pressure.
Pilot assistance for GA
Positioning, autoland for fixed-wing, detection: daylight visual conditions (VMC)
Our functions
Industry needs
Single pilot operations:
Cargo flights, Helicopters, eVTOL

Reducing cockpit workload: CAT
Full instrument meteorological conditions (IMC)
Automatic communication with traffic control
Positioning, autoland for fixed-wing, detection: adding night and limited visibility
Landing guidance for VTOL (pre-surveyed areas)
2025- ...
Transitioning to pilotless:
Cargo flights, Helicopters, eVTOL

Transitioning to single
pilot operations: CAT
Terrain awareness, landing anywhere for VTOL
Emergency autoland for fixed-wing
Expanding all the functions
Adding autonomous decision making
Full autonomy