2019-09-17 Daedalean and UAVenture prepare to launch a new vision-based guidance system to the market

UAVenture and Daedalean have published a teaser video announcing a new guidance system for professional UAVs. The system is called Magpie and provides unrivaled AI-powered functions – vision based identification of emergency landing sites during flight, as well as visual navigation that helps sustain GPS outages – in a less than 500g package, and completely integrated with the AirRails flight controller: no additional complex setup & coding required. No pre-marking of landing spots is required, Magpie is able to operate without pre-surveying of the area and recognise dynamic obstacles on the ground. The product will be available soon for the users of AirRails, UAVenture’s flight control system for professional drones.

2019-07-31 Daedalean development review Q2 2019

Watch to learn the features of the AI-autopilot for the autonomous flight – computer vision-based flight control – already demonstrated: situation awareness and perception, detecting flying obstacles, GPS-independent simultaneous localisation and mapping, recognizing obstacles on the ground and safe landing advisory. On the roadmap: wire detection and more.

2019-07-29 Daedalean announced new funding round

This additional round brings the total amount of the company funding to CHF 11.8 million (nearly $12 mln). The funding round is led by Carthona Capital. Other investing VCs are Redalpine and Amino Capital. Along with them, three former engineering managers of Daedalean’s founder and CEO, Dr Luuk van Dijk, back in his times at Google, are investing as business angels. Dr Harald Nieder, Partner at Redalpine, is joining Daedalean’s board as an observer.

2019-05-24 Daedalean and EASA launch Innovation Partnership Contract

On 8 May 2019 Daedalean and EASA concluded a fruitful 3 day workshop to kick off their Innovation Partnership Contract (IPC). The project titled “Concepts of Design Assurance for Neural Networks” aims to examine the challenges posed by the application of Neural Networks in aviation, in the broader context of allowing Machine Learning and more general Artificial Intelligence on board aircraft. Experts from EASA and Daedalean are bundling their expertise to create concepts and safety standards for the application of this branch of Artificial Intelligence in safety critical avionics. The project is expected to run through January 2020 when a final report will be presented.

2019-05-12 Daedalean and Volocopter conduct autonomy-enabling flight tests using artificial intelligence and computer vision technologies

Update:Video released.

Daedalean and Volocopter conducted joint flight tests on Wednesday 27th March 2019 at the airfield in Bruchsal (D) in order to test Daedalean’s Visual situational awareness system (“Raven”) on board an experimental Volocopter. The tests demonstrated crucial environmental perception capabilities for visual navigation and collision detection in landing and en-route scenarios, using 3 high definition cameras mounted outside the fuselage of the aircraft, the data from which are fed to the on-board computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms.

2019-03-12 Daedalean presents Xenon

A comprehensive GPGPU compute platform addressing all aspects of GPGPU computing for safety critical aerospace applications using the family of certifiable embedded AMD GPU devices. Xenon includes the standalone OpenCL 1.1 runtime software stack as well as the complete compiler toolchain supporting both OpenCL and AMD assembler languages. The OpenCL runtime is OS-agnostic, has no external dependencies and can run on barebone hardware. Supported AMD GPU devices currently include Radeon E8860, E9171, and E9260. The cross-platform software development kit for Linux is available.

2019-01-21 Flying car autopilot “made in Switzerland” – financed in Australia

High-Tech Connect suisse piblishes an interview with Luuk van Dijk, CEO Daedalean.

2018-12-20 Flight-testing visual odometry and semantic segmentation

Visual Odometry and Semantic Segmentation in single-camera setup from two Robinson R66 and R44 flights.

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2018-10-11 CNN Money Switzerland interviews Daedalean: Will we really have flying cars by 2023?

CNN's Hannah Wise interviews David and Luuk on the topic of self flying cars for their Front Seat Magazine.

Short facebook bit and long interview

2018-07-18 Daedalean AI on display at Farnborough International Airshow 2018 in Mercury Mission Systems Inc booth

CES/Mercury Mission Systems Inc invited Daedalean AI to demonstrate their Computer Vision and AI software running on the MSSI Rock2 platform at the 2018 Farnborough Airshow, as reported by Intelligent Aerospace magazine.

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2018-07-04 Daedalean AI releases new product video

This video demonstrates some of the current product features being developed by Daedalean as well as gives a glimpse into the roadmap of the product, paving a way to the future autopilot with the highest level of autonomy. The video is a mix of real demos and computer graphics.

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2018-06-07 Daedalean AI succesfully closes Series A

Today Daedalean concluded all legal transactions regarding the second tranche of our Series A. With our existence guaranteed for another while we can focus on engineering!

2017-08-30 Aviation Week publishes a series on Urban Mobility

2016-10-27 Uber publishes a report on Urban Mobility

Fast-Forwarding to a Future of On-Demand Urban Air Transportation

2016-08-12 Daedalean AI is founded

Product roadmap created and the name full of hope and irony is entered in the Commercial Registry of the Canton of Zurich.